ACE Application Process

Eligible students interested in joining the ACE program must complete a multi-step application and enrollment process beginning in January/February of the 10th grade, and ending in July with OCC registration.

Steps to Apply

Step One: Create an OCC Admissions Profile

Purpose: Creates an account in the OCC system.  This is required for anyone seeking to take classes at OCC. 

Deadline: February 28, 2020

  1. Create an Admissions Profile on the Oakland Community College website to start the application process.
  2. Complete all required fields in the Admissions Profile
    • When it asks “What semester do you plan to start at OCC?” choose Fall 2020
    • “Which Career Pathway are you most interested in?” Choose High School Dual Enrollment
    • Be sure to enter a personal email address that you will remember.  It is used for password issues
    • Click “Create Profile & Start Application” at the bottom

Step Two: Complete an Online OCC Application

Purpose: to complete enrollment in the OCC system and be assigned an OCC ID number, User Name, and Temporary Password.

Deadline: February 28, 2020

  1. After completing Step One, continue to the OCC Online Application (print version not allowed). 
  2. Enter personal information and contact information.  Remember to be sure to enter an email address that is accessible and frequently checked by someone.  Email is the main method of communication by OCC.
  3. Under “Academic Plans”:
    • Admit Type: “I will be attending OCC while still in high school”
    • Entry Term: Fall 2020
    • Career Cluster: High School Dual Enrollment
    • Academic Program: High School Dual Enrollment
    • Location:  Choose any OCC campus.  Your choice does not limit you to one campus.  It is merely to select the campus to which your records will be assigned.  Usually students choose the campus closest to home or to the high school
  4. Complete the Demographics section
  5. Complete  the Academics, Emergency Contact, and Signature sections
  6. Click “Submit Application” on the bottom of the last page. 

Step Three: Complete and submit Release and Dual Enrollment Forms

Purposes: (1) to inform OCC that your school is covering the costs, (2) for your school to express their support for your enrollment in the ACE program. 

Deadline: February 28, 2020

  1. Request the Authorization to Release Information Form from your high school counselor or email ACE. Print the students your name on the top line and have the student sign the bottom. Leave the Student ID number blank.
  2. Complete the High school Dual Enrollment Payment & School Authorization online form and then print.
  3. Part 1 is to be completed by a parent and the student. Part 2 is completed by the student’s high school administrator, counselor, or other school representative.
  4. Part 1:
    • Indicate Fall 2020
    • Leave OCC ID# blank
    • Do not skip Student DOB (Date of Birth)
    • Select “Dual Enrollment/Sponsored”
      • Tuition, fees, and required textbooks are covered by the high school and the ACE program.  Tuition, fees and books not covered would be for extra classes a student could choose to take in the summer.
    • Print and sign (student and parent)
  5. Part 2:
    • Turn the form in to your high school counselor, along with the Authorization to Release Information Form.
    • For Authorized Courses for Third-Party Payments, simply list "ACE Program”
    • Check the “Includes Books” box
  6. After signing, do not scan and upload the forms to OCC. Dual Enrollment Forms for ACE applicants need to be sent to Jim Troost, Supervisor of Student Programs at Oakland Schools by one of the following methods:
    • Scan/Email: Jim Troost
    • Fax: (248) 209-2024, attn: Jim Troost (please send email notification to Jim Troost after faxing)
    • U.S. Mail: Jim Troost, Oakland Schools, 2111 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48328
    • Oakland Schools Van Mail: Attn. Jim Troost, Oakland Schools Main Campus
  7. After completing Step 3, within 3-5 days, students will receive an email congratulating you on admission to OCC. This is not notice of acceptance to the ACE program. Make note of your OCC student ID number that will be included in the message, and move on to Step 4.

Step Four: Setup a MYOCC Account & OCC Email

Purpose: A student’s MyOCC account is required for taking placement tests, required orientations, scheduling classes and much more. Once enrolled, all communications from OCC and from instructors is sent only to a student’s OCC email account. 

Deadline: As soon as possible after receiving your OCC student ID number (required for next steps)

  1. An email should have been sent to you at the personal email address you provided in the online application. The subject line would be something like “MyOCC Information.”  From that message, you will need your MyOCC User Name (cannot be changed), and your temporary MyOCC password (must be changed).  Find both your User Name (usually lastname.firstname, sometimes with a number) and temporary password before going to the next step
  2. Go to the OCC website and log in.
  3. Enter your assigned User name and the temporary password and “Submit”
  4. You will be prompted to change your password. Take care to follow OCC password requirements, and be sure to record the password somewhere safe in case you forget it
  5. Once logged into MyOCC, select Student Accounts and Sign-in to Student Email to activate your OCC email. Your OCC student email address uses your full MyOCC User Name adding All future contact from OCC will be sent to this college email account

Step Five: New Student Orientation and ACCUPLACER Practice Test (1 1/2 - 2 hours)

Allow an hour and half to two hours.

Purpose: Steps one through four were all about getting set up in the OCC computer system. To be accepted into the ACE program, students must earn a satisfactory score on the ACCUPLACER.  The last steps before being allowed to take the ACCUPLACER test are to register and take the OCC New Student Orientation online, and then take an online ACCUPLACER Practice Test. At the end of the New Student Orientation online, you will have the option to go straight into the ACCUPLACER Practice Test.  The practice test can be accessed later, but it is tricky to find and register.  If possible, plan to do the New Student Orientation and the ACCUPLACER Practice Test in one sitting.

Deadline: As soon as possible after setting up your OCC email.

Log in to MyOCC, select “Student” and then click on the link for “New Student Orientation” (right column)

  1. Enter your OCC student ID number
  2. Work your way through the orientation, navigating with the green arrow buttons
  3. Be warned that the New Student Orientation was written for traditional OCC students, not ACE students.  Many of the instructions regarding “next steps” do not apply to ACE students.  You should not make an appointment with an OCC counselor yet.  You also do not need to be concerned about Financial Aid, paying for classes, or buying books.  All of your “next steps” are presented in these instructions.
  4. When you have finished all the lessons and the brief Student Survey, you must click “Mark Course Completed” to finish the orientation and receive your certificate.  Failure to do so will prevent you from taking the required ACCUPLACER Practice test
  5. After completing the New Student Orientation, you should be back on the starting page.  Click on “ACCUPLACER English Practice”
  6. Navigate through the introduction using the blue arrow buttons.  Watch all the videos and pay close attention to the advice and instructions.  The first part will give advice and allow a little practice for the writing portion of the ACCUPLACER test.  The second part gives advice for the reading portion of the test, and includes 20 practice questions.
  7. When you finish, be sure to click “Mark Course Completed.”  You will then be emailed your certificate of completion.  You will need to print that certificate and bring it with you to the actual ACCUPLACER test, along with your OCC Student ID number and a photo ID

Step Six: Take the ACCUPLACER English Placement Test at OCC

Purpose: ACCUPLACER is a Reading and Writing test that measures a student’s readiness for college-level English coursework.  In order for a student to be eligible for the ACE early college program, a student must take the ACCUPLACER test and earn a score that makes them eligible for ENG 1510 (Composition I) at OCC.  Placement into any ENG lower than 1510 means the student is not eligible for the ACE early college program.   Students are allowed a second attempt at the test if necessary.

Deadline: As soon as possible after completing the ACCUPLACER Practice Test, but not later than March 30

  1. Students must complete steps one through five before they will be allowed to take the ACCUPLACER test at OCC.
  2. Print ACCUPLACER Practice Test scores or certificate and bring to test, along with OCC Student ID number and photo ID.
  3. Make arrangements to take ACCUPLACER at any OCC campus, or sign up for special ACE program group testing events. OCC testing schedules
  4. You will receive your test results immediately following completion of the test. Send your scores to Jim Troost. Ignore any instructions to see an OCC counselor at this point. You have one more step to complete before being accepted into the program.

Step Seven: Complete the ACE Program Application and Submit

Purpose: Steps one through six above were all about determining eligibility for the ACE Program.  Once you have earned an eligible score on ACCUPLACER (Step Six), you are finally ready to do the ACE Program Application. You can get the application from your high school counselor, or by contacting Jim Troost. Once completed, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of acceptance. Situations vary by high school. Depending on the number of applicants, some high schools are able to enroll all eligible students, while others have a selection process.

Deadline: Completed applications should be turned in to your high school counselor by April 27

  1. Complete Information Form, Parent Signature Form, and Essay.  Turn in to your high school counselor
  2. Complete the top section of two Recommendation Forms and give to two people at your high school to complete (teachers, counselors, administrators, etc.).  Recommenders should return the forms to your counselor.
  3. Your counselor will attach a copy of your transcript to all of the above and send to Jim Troost via any of the methods listed in Step Three above.

Students who meet the application deadline of April 27 will be notified of their acceptance into the ACE program by May 15.


Jim Troost

Accelerated College Experience Program Director

Rachel DeYoung

Early College Student Support Coordinator

Kimberly Mason

Project/Department Assistant