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Outstanding Teacher of the Year 2024

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The Oakland County Outstanding Teacher of the Year Awards are presented annually to honor and reward teachers in Oakland County who have achieved, through their effort and example, the highest standards of excellence in their profession. Oakland Schools has created these awards out of a conviction that a quality public education system is essential to the health and vitality of our community. We believe that encouraging excellence in education is the shared responsibility of all who reap its benefits.

2024 Elementary School Award Recipient

Norman Wright

Orion Oaks Elementary
Lake Orion Community Schools, 5th Grade

Principal Dr. Randy Groya said:"Norman serves as a role model through his writing, sharing his personal writing journey with students. His transparency reveals the power of revision. He gives kids the confidence to put their ideas in writing when so often children are reluctant to do so and inspires students to believe in their ability to tell their unique stories."

2024 Oakland County Teacher of Year Norman Wright

2024 Middle School Award Recipient

Molly Darnell

Oxford Virtual Academy
Oxford Community Schools
Middle School Mentor Teacher

Colleague Caitlin Martin said: "Watching Molly work with students is amazing. She is an excellent role model by modeling good behavior, but also kindness. She talks to students about their own lives, and she helps them build healthy habits that will carry them through middle school, high school, and beyond. She motivates students through the positive support she puts in place for them to be successful in school.” their ability to tell their unique stories."

2024 Teacher of Year  middle school receiver molly

2024 High School Award Recipient

Shannon Graham

Lamphere High School
Lamphere Public Schools
11th & 12th Grade, Marketing, Business Management, Business Law

Principal Rodney Thomas said:"The character traits and skills students develop through the creative projects created by Shannon are demonstrated throughout the year by her students and not only benefit themselves, but benefit the entire teaching staff with a more involved student body, highlights the exquisite lesson development skills of Mrs. Graham, and reflects positively on the school and district as a leader that is community focused."

2024 Teacher of Year high school Shannon

2024 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Nominees

Elementary School

Cindy Amboian
Haviland Elementary School,
Waterford, 2nd Grade

Brandie Bevel
Oakwood Elementary,
Brandon, Kindergarten, all subjects

Michelle Bickel
Johnson Elementary,
Huron Valley, Second Grade All Subjects

Danielle Davenport
Hill Elementary School,
Troy, Kindergarten - All Subjects

Paige Engberg
Grandview Elementary School, Clarenceville, 2nd Grade

Matthew Gasparotto
Bartlett Elementary,
South Lyon, Physical Education Junior Kindergarten through fifth grade

Anthony Gatewood
Einstein Elementary School,
Oak Park, 2nd grade, all subjects

Christina Gurganus
Madison Elementary School,
Madison, 4th/5th Grade Loop

Lori Hazen
Webb Elementary,
Hazel Park, 4th Grade

Carrie Heslip
Kenwood Elementary School,
Clawson, 4th grade

Christine Hubbell
Wixom Elementary,
Walled Lake, 5th Grade - All Subjects

Amy Kiesel
Eastover Elementary,
Bloomfield Hills, 5th Grade

Kristi Law
Roosevelt Elementary,
West Bloomfield, 5th Grade, Elementary

Sarah Lazorka
Pattengill Elementary School,
Berkley, Special Education, K-5

Lois Mann
Oak Ridge Elementary,
Royal Oak, KDG

Sarah Manning
Rose Pioneer & Davisburg Elementary,
Holly, PK-5th Music

Genevieve McDonald
Pembroke Elementary,
Birmingham, K-5 General Education and ASD Music

Diana Mickles
Kindergarten, Ferndale

Martha Ruit
Deerfield Elementary,
Avondale, 1st Grade

Geralyn Schade
Gill Elementary,
Farmington, Elementary Resource Room

Maurice Smith
Frost Elementary School,
Pontiac, Early Childhood GSRP

Heather Stewart
Deerfield Elementary,
Novi, Kindergarten

Melissa Tuccini
Lessenger Elementary,
Lamphere, Jr. Kindergarten - 5th grad

Amy Weghorst
Oxford Virtual Academy,
Oxford, K-12 English Language Learner Teacher

Middle School

Christopher Braue
Mason Middle School,
Waterford, Band, 6th - 8th

Madison Close
Birmingham Covington School,
Birmingham, 7/8 Mathematics

Prima Dailey
Norup International School,
Berkley, 7th and 8th Grade, Language Arts, Journalism

Cheryl Dalton
Warner Middle School,
Farmington, 6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Sara Gage
Millennium Middle School,
South Lyon, 6th Grade Math and 8th Grade Leadership

Jennifer Hindo
International Technology Academy/PHS,
Pontiac, 6-8 math

Stephanie Hyska
Boulan Park Middle School,
Troy, ELD - 6, 7, & 8

Michael Janigiaan
Wilkinson Middle School,
Madison, Math 6-8

Nikia Johnson
Avondale Middle School,
Avondale, 6-8 Cognitively Impaired

Laura Khalil
Novi Middle School,
Novi, ELA 8

Pam Leist
Holly Middle School,
Holly, 6th-8th Special Education Resource Rm

Nancy Lewand
North Hills Middle School,
Bloomfield Hills, Grades 7 and 8 Health

Anthony Mango
White Lake Middle School,
Huron Valley, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies

Kersten McGlinchey
John Page Middle School,
Lamphere, 6th Grade Science, 8th Grade Science & Anatomy

Lindsey Potterack
Royal Oak Middle School,
Royal Oak, Grades 6-8

Todd Ross
Hazel Park Junior High School,
Hazel Park, 6th-8th Band

Nicholas Shaskos
Oakview Middle School,
Lake Orion, 6th Grade Science and DSET

Jacqueline Tomaszewski
West Bloomfield Middle School,
West Bloomfield, 6-8, ELD

High School

Ajay Bedi
West Bloomfield High School,
West Bloomfield, 9-12, Math

Laura Bradshaw
Avondale High School,
Avondale, French 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (9-12 grades)

Eric Flessa
Troy College and Career High School,
Troy, High School - Woodworking, English, & History

Kirsten Gentry
Farmington High School,
Farmington, Honor’s Biology (9th), Anatomy/Physiology (10-12th), AP Biology (10-11th)

Jenny Gieselman
Brandon High School,
Brandon, 9-12

Jennifer Grubb
Milford High School,
Huron Valley, 9th-12th Special Education

Gabby Hart
Clarenceville High School,
Clarenceville, HS Spanish

Kimberly Lemke
Clawson High School,
Clawson, 9th and 10th grade US History and World History

Sarah Liebau
South Lyon East High School,
South Lyon, Grades: 9th, 11th, 12th Subject: English

Darcie Moss
Novi High School,
Novi, Building Wealth, Accounting, Managerial Finance, Work Based Learning, Microsoft Computer Applications, Computer Applications

Marisa Olszewski
Seaholm High School,
Birmingham, 10-12, Social Studies

Jessica Riley
Bloomfield Hills High School,
Bloomfield Hills, 9-12 Vocal Music

Alexandria Smiley
Madison High School,
Madison, 10-12; Advanced Placement U.S. History, Economics, Civics, American History

Tamara Spurgeon
Kennedy School,
Pontiac, Autistic Classroom grades 8-11

Michael Steele
Lake Orion High School,
Lake Orion, 9-12 Band-Campus, Concert, Marching, Symphonic, Wind Ensemble

Krystle Voegel
Holly High School,
Holly, 9th-12th Physical Education

Leonard Waldman
Berkley High School,
Berkley, Social Studies & Academic Strategies 9-12

Kirsten Williams
Royal Oak High School,
Royal Oak, 9-12 All Vocal Music Courses