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Wraparound Services

Wraparound is a County wide program that provides support to families who have at least one student with a Serious Emotional Disturbance (as defined by the Mental Health Code) and are at risk for placement in juvenile detention, psychiatric facility, protective custody or foster care.

This unique, strength-based, family-led, process helps high-risk students (ages 3-18) avoid out-of-home and out-of-school placement by bringing together groups of people involved in a student's life to work together as a team toward a common goal of achievement and stabilization. This internationally acclaimed process is organized and delivered by a skilled facilitator. 

The team creates a plan that includes ways to assure that each student and his or her family can experience success in their community, home, and school. 

Wraparound works by putting the family in a position of leadership with a child and family team, especially created  for them, with professionals like therapists, court or Youth Assistance staff, teachers, principals, probation officers or other paid staff as well as family and friends, who all come together to support the family.  

Wraparound is a voluntary program, so only families who are willing to work intensively with the process are viable candidates, as the commitment to meetings is significant.

Eligible students are those who are at risk for removal from their homes or schools and have a severe emotional disturbance with functional impairment. Eligible students also have involvement with multiple service systems such as Special Education, Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, Foster Care, Protective Services, or other community based services. Students must be currently open with a Community Mental Health Provider (Easter Seals or Oakland Family Services).

Wraparound is the collaborative effort of the Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority, Easter Seals Family Mental Health Services, Oakland Family Services, the Oakland County Circuit Court Family Division and Oakland Schools.


Susan Benson

Director, Specialized Student Support

Leah Closson

Project/Department Assistant

Cynthia Cumming

Mental Health Wraparound Facilitator

Maresa Keels

Specialized Student Support Coordinator-Mental Health

William Redman

Mental Health Wraparound Facilitator

Lyndsey Sleek-Ristich

Mental Health Wraparound Facilitator

Brian Thiel

Mental Health Wraparound Facilitator

Katherine Whitton

Mental Health Wraparound Facilitator

Carmen Wisniewski

Mental Health Wraparound Facilitator