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Michigan Early Middle College Association

Early Middle College

An early middle college (EMC) is a Michigan Department of Education approved five-year program of study. EMCs work closely with postsecondary partners to provide students with an opportunity earn a high school diploma and one or more of the following:  

  • 60 transferable college credits 
  • An associate degree 
  • A professional certification
  • The Michigan Early Middle College Association (MEMCA) technical certificate
  • Participation in a registered apprenticeship

A professional certification is any certificate or industry recognized credential in which the pupil prepared for by taking course work provided by a Michigan public or private college or university.

The above information is from The Michigan Department of Education website

Michigan Early Middle College


The design principles of MEMCA are:

College-focused academic program: Schools implement comprehensive, standards-based curricula that provide a bridge to postsecondary studies and incorporate both high school and college coursework.

Student academic and social/emotional support: Supports are offered to all students to meet their academic, social and emotional needs in high school and in the transition to college.

High school/college collaboration: High schools and colleges take joint responsibility for students’ educational success and establish structures that permit high school students to take college courses.

Culture of continuous improvement: High schools and colleges engage in evidence-based discussions to continuously improve students’ experiences and outcomes.