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Average number of transfer
credits earned by 2024 cohort

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OaklandACE Students GPAs Trend


2024 Cohort Average GPA


2025 Cohort Average GPA


2026 Cohort Average GPA

ACE stats  trending upward chart

OaklandACE Students GPAs are Trending Upward

GPA: 2.8 - 1 year, 2.84 - 2 year, 2.96 - 3 year, 3.08 - 4 year, 2.91 - 5 year, 3.05 - 6 year, 3.08 - 7year, 2.85 - 8 year, 3.15 - 9 year, 3.35 - 10 year, 3.30 - 11 year

Three ACE students are in the above 2023 Oakland Community College Graduation Video

ACE Logo; Accelerated College Experience

Meet 2023 Grads

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OCC 2023 Grads: Ainsley Rahm

“The past few years have been really hard, but it’s been great getting to know everyone and being a part of the ACE community at OCC. I had no idea what ACE was going to be like, and it looks like going to OCC turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

OCC 2023 Grads: Hope Pacheco

“OCC has provided me with a better education, and I have been able to learn what college is like at a younger age than most people. I appreciate the impact OCC has had on me, and I understand what classes will be like when I transfer to a university.”

OCC 2023 grads: Kimberly Campbell

“At OCC, I learned to take advantage of any opportunity because you never know what can come out of it or who you may meet. It’s so important to branch out, even if you are uncertain or nervous. I came to OCC as a high school student not sure about much, and I’m leaving with more knowledge both from inside the classroom and outside of it.”