What Happens if a Student Misses Too Much School?

How many days of school can a student miss?

Students should follow their district’s attendance policy. If students miss 10 days or have been absent 10 percent of the days possible, they and/or their parents may receive notice from the school. 

Districts may:

  • review the student’s attendance history, grades and progress.
  • check siblings’ records.
  • contact parent or guardian and student to identify reason for absences. 
  • develop an action plan with parents/guardians. This plan is an agreement signed by all parties.

Additional support may be required by one of the following resources:

  • school social worker
  • school psychologist
  • counselor
  • youth assistance
  • social services
  • doctor
  • and more

What if a student maintains poor attendance?

If a student continues to have poor attendance after all efforts have been exhausted, the school should notify the intermediate school district (ISD) to take action. Schools should make truancy referrals using the online truancy tracking application. For a link to the application, or to get set up with an account, please send an email to Ginny Taylor (ginny.taylor@oakland.k12.mi.us) and include your name, job title, and school.

ISD actions:

  1. The ISD will investigate and send a certified letter to parent/guardian.
  2. A meeting will be held with parent/guardian and attendance officer. This meeting may also include school officials and the student if appropriate.
  3. Continued absences/tardies are reported to ISD attendance officers by district representative.
  4. Options are discussed with district: graduation/credit recovery, family court, district court.

If an attendance problem continues after ISD intervention, the prosecutor’s office will be contacted.

Prosecutor steps:

  1. The prosecutor will send a letter to the parent/guardian and school principal for monitoring.
  2. Continued absences/tardies are reported to ISD attendance officers by district representative.
  3. Prosecutor prepares petition.
  4. Petition is filed.
  5. Court date is scheduled.

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