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Culinary Arts/Hospitality Students Earn Recognition at ACF Competition
Mark Edwards

Six Culinary Arts/Hospitality program students recently competed in the American Culinary Federation's (ACF) student competition at the Dorsey Culinary College, Roseville.

The first event featured students performing knife skills with root vegetables, including the challenging tourne cut resembling a 7-sided football and boning a chicken into regulation 8-cut.  

The second event had students segmenting an orange into supremes, decorating an eight-inch cake inscribed with “Congratulations” and preparing one dozen cookies.

These sanctioned culinary events must include at least two certified master chefs and a host of other certified chefs and restaurateurs, who were all impressed with the skill level of our OSTC-Southeast culinarians.

The six team members were very successful and earned four bronze and two silver medals and certificates for their efforts.