​​​​​Science staff at Oakland Schools provides resources, professional development, consulting and strategic support for districts.

The new Michigan Science Standards (=NGSS) present us with enormous opportunity, but also a huge challenge because they prescribe a revolutionary transfo​​rmation in science education. This page provides basic advice on how to begin our transition to new standards. The top section provides a few short video addressing the vision and some early stage challenges. Below are some suggestions on how to proceed.

4 Ways to be connected to what’s happening in Oakland County

  1. Science Council quarterly meetings
  2. Join the Oakland Science Strategy Team
  3. Check out #OS_Science on Twitter. Browse, comment, or contribute!
  4. Join the Oakland County MiPLACE group.


Jessica Ashley

Science Education Consultant

James Emmerling

Science Education Consultant

Michael Gallagher

MiSTEM Director