​ESL/Bilingual staff at Oakland Schools provides consultation, professional development and technical assistance in Title III:ESL/Bilingual Education. 

ESL/Bilingual staff also serves local school districts, their staff as well as community members in Oakland County to develop quality programs that serve the academic needs of English Learners (ELs). This consultation focuses on program development, curriculum development, instructional practices that promote language proficiency and content acquisition, and Title III requirements for MDE, OCR and DOJ.

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Members of the Oakland Schools ESL/Title III Advisory Council include representatives from all 28 Oakland County school districts, Oakland Community College, as well as several charter and private non-profit schools. Meeting quarterly, the Council discusses changes to the rules and regulations regarding ESL/Title III Programming, Instruction, and Assessment, and develops strategic plans for implementing these changes to ensure high quality educational opportunities for all English Learners. 

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​Resources from our meetings can be found in our English Learner Educator Community group in miPLACE.


Christy Osborne

ESL Education Consultant

Suzanne Toohey

Supervisor & ESL Consultant