Oakland Schools STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education provides an avenue to engage in all content areas while allowing learners to develop technical literacy and learning agility. Through STEM practices, students, educators and community members are empowered to foster a STEM ready workforce. Oakland Schools' offers several programs to maximize STEM career awareness, exploration and preparedness. These opportunities include the STEM Checkout, STEM Digital Resources, STEMi, and STEM Summer Camp. The STEM Checkout provides districts with access to equipment that supports their K-12 STEM goals. STEM Digital Resources supports learners with videos and online materials. The STEMi, a STEM mobile lab, provides schools with access to high-end industry equipment, staff with subject matter expertise, and an engaging experience that will spark student interest in engineering practices. STEM Summer Camp promotes STEM education for middle school learners in the areas of Health Science, Emerging Technologies, Information Technology, Robotics, Culinary and Visual Imaging.