Oakland County Teacher Referent Groups

Many Oakland County teachers gather four times a year as members of five separate referent groups. Those groups include Business/Finance, Marketing, Health Sciences, Information Technology and Architecture and Engineering Design. The teacher referent groups have been established to provide teachers collaboration and professional development opportunities. The four meetings last four hours each after the school day and are offered throughout the school year. Some potential topics are software updates, curriculum development, legal changes (i.e. mandated training), updated industry standards, instructional strategies, certifications and assessments, technology integration, and educational and business and industry connections or presentations.

Each referent group has a coordinator with a variety of responsibilities. This two-year term is a position to which teachers may apply to Oakland Schools Student Services Career Readiness Unit. The coordinator responsibilities include items such as pre-planning of logistics for each workshop/meeting, document each workshop/meeting and collect and submit post‐meeting documentation.