Career Readiness

Every Student. Career Ready.

Students are exposed to career opportunities.

Families are included in the career exploration process.

Educators visit with industry professionals.

See how CFE impacts students

Students are given the tools to navigate career options with web based software, family and student events, camps and more.

See how CFE impacts educators

Educators collaborate with industry professionals to better assist students transitioning to the job market.

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Business Partners provide the resources and experience allowing Oakland Schools Career Focused Education to thrive.

Career Readiness Events

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Our Work

Oakland Schools Career Readiness delivers education with purpose, providing K-12 students opportunities as unique as they each student.


Students are often asked what they will do after high school.  Many students will indicate that they are going to college.  In most cases a four year college.  However, many students are unsure of what college they will attend, what degree they will pursue, or understand that their intended pathway may not need a traditional four year degree. 


Oakland Schools STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education provides an avenue to engage in all content areas, while providing learners an opportunity to develop technical literacy and learning agility. 

Oakland County Teacher Referent Groups

Many Oakland County teachers of business, finance, marketing, health sciences, information technology, architecture and engineering career and technical education programs gather four times a year as members of five separate referent groups.