Career Focused Education

The department of Career Focused Education hosts several events and activities annually to engage students and families to become a part of the next generation of critical-thinkers and entrepreneurs. 

Our events seek to excite imaginations, encourage teamwork, strengthen families, explore careers, expand creativity, and to make learning fun.

Summer Programs

Oakland Schools Technical Campuses are excited to offer engaging STEM learning opportunities to students in Summer 2019. More information will be available soon.

Beaumont Saturday Series

Oakland Schools and William Beaumont Hospitals have partnered to offer high school students opportunities to learn about emerging healthcare careers.  Two session of the series are offered annually, fall and spring.

Program Information

  • Eligibility: 10th-12th grade students living in or attending high school in Oakland county that have complete Biology and Algebra 1
  • Cost: $25 (Refund Policy: Email notice of cancellation my be received 7 business days prior to the event.)
  • Lunch: Students will need to bring a bag lunch with them as food is not available for purchase at all location
  • Attire: Students should wear business casual attire unless otherwise noted in session description. 

Session Descriptions

  • Imaging Technology: Investigate what "Imaging Professions" means. With the use of computers, light boxes, and medical equipment, students will explore different imaging professions and their diagnostic and treatment purposes.
  • Laboratory: Explore the modern medical laboratory disciplines of urinalysis, toxicology, phlebotomy, and tissue analysis through video and hands-on activities.
  • Nursing: Spend the day with experienced Registered Nurses exploring every aspect of their fast paced world.
  • Occupational and Physical Therapies:  Explore athletic and balance training, industrial rehabilitation, and vision rehabilitation through a full body work shop.  (Please wear workout clothing.)
  • Pharmacy: What role does a pharmacist play in a hospital?  Come learn more about this while getting a tour of the hospital facility.
  • Surgical Services: Work side by side with Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Registered Nurses with the Human Simulators in our Mock Operating Rooms on our Surgical floors.

CSI Oakland

Leveraging the popularity of CSI (crime scene investigation), this program for high school students promotes STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) in a novel way. CSI: Oakland creates authentic learning experiences for high school students by staging crime scenes where the teams engage in the challenge of Forensic Science. Teams process the crime scene, collect evidence, and work in labs to analyze materials, and develop a presentation of their results.  Upon solving the crime, Teams present findings and reasoning to panels of judges for competition and feedback. 

Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association

​OCCRA is a local association formed to increase the number of students involved in competitive robotics.​

This is a full contact robotics competition, where students will control 120 pound robogladiators as they clash on the field of play. The robots will try to score points by placing balls into goals while their opponents try to stop them. OCCRA robots play rough and some damage will surely occur, but unlike “Battlebots” the rules prohibit teams from intentionally damaging another machine.

OCCRA generates enthusiasm for technical and academic disciplines such as design, engineering, physics, and electronics. These competitions provide recognition and encouragement for students who devote their energies to these areas of studies. OCCRA participants will also have the opportunity to learn more about the diverse technical career options available in our county and state. 

OCCRA is supported by the Oakland Schools Education Foundation (OSEF), whose support is made possible through the generosity and support of area businesses and individuals. Unlike the FIRST competitions, OCCRA requires the entire robot be student-designed and built. The rules of the competition will allow for and encourage corporate partnerships but will not allow precise machining or processes that cannot be carried out in the schools. ​​​​​

OCCRA's Mission

The Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) shall organize and administer a high school competitive robotics league in Oakland County for the purpose of:​

  1. ​Generating enthusiasm for technical and academic disciplines such as design, engineering, physics, mathematics, and electronics through student designed and built robots

  2. Providing a format for integrating and applying diverse scientific, technical, and other areas of study within the high school curriculum

  3. Providing recognition and encouragement for students who devote their energies to these technical, scientific, and other areas of study

  4. Promoting team and workplace skills and good sportsmanship

  5. Raising awareness within high schools of the diverse technical career options available in our county and state

  6. Creating partnerships with corporations and the educational community that will enrich the high school experience for our students​ by providing greater access to individuals in scientific and technical careers​​

Learn more about the Oakland County Competi​tive Robotics Association.

Family Engineering Night

​​​​​​Parents and children (ages 10-15) experience the world of engineering and gain an appreciation of the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math) that are essential to engineering careers. Both parents and children actively participate in tasks that promote inventiveness; they learn together in this program that strengthens communications and encourages teamwork. Sample activities from past programs include: engineering team challenges, building circuit-boards, and programming CNC machines. The evening is geared toward making science and technology fun. Families have four Family Engineering Nights to choose from: in Pontiac, Clarkston, Royal Oak and Wixom. ​

Family Technology Night

Parents and students (age 10-15) explore hot topics and technology trends in a variety of disciplines with these exciting evenings filled with hands-on activities.  Parents are encouraged to engage with their children in all activities to help them become the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers​.  The programs are offered at no cost to families and each even runs about 3 hours.

Agriscience and Environmental Technology

Explore the world of Agriscience and Environmental Technology. Sample activities from past programs include: plant propagation techniques, high-tech data gathering, and veterinary care.  This event is offered three times a year and families are able to choose the best location to attend: Wixom, Royal Oak, and Clarkston. ​

Information Technology, Entrepreneurship and Marketing (ITEAM)

Explore the world of information technology and business. Sample activities from past programs include: assembling a computer network, performing a market analysis, virtual modeling of a workplace and building quiz boards.  This event is offered four times a year and families can self select the best location to attend:  Pontiac, Clarkston, Royal Oak and Wixom.​​​

Vex Robotics

Twenty-two area robotics teams from 11 different schools put their technical skills to the test at the annual Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) Middle School Championships. This Middle School Robotics Tournament pits 2-robot alliances against opponents in the game from the VEX corporation. This year's game was called "Nothing But Net."  Robots had to score balls into net structures of various heights in both autonomous and radio-controlled modes. The teams of middle school students competed for over 5 hours before the champion alliance emerged.  This OCCRA Middle School League is a STEM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) made possible by the generous support of Premiere Sponsor DTE Energy Foundation and the Michigan Works! Agency. Their sponsorship supplied schools with the VEX robotics kits that students used to engineer their robots. Schools pay $50 to participate. A panel of judges recognizes​​ teams for their achievements in a variety of technical and workplace areas.