School Social Workers

School social workers provide an ecological approach to ensuring student success.

School social workers assist children and families by examining those factors in the home, school and/or community that are impacting a student's educational success and then assist in reducing those barriers to learning.

School social workers reduce barriers to learning such as:

  • truancy
  • pregnancy
  • alcohol and other drug abuse
  • suicide and sudden death
  • child abuse and neglect
  • school safety
  • violence
  • basic family needs
  • economic factors
  • behavioral difficulties
  • social competencies bullying divorce mental health concerns 
  • learning factors such as special education needs

Additionally, school social workers assist students in improving interpersonal relationships, coping with difficult and crisis situations, developing self-esteem and self-discipline, learning problem solving and conflict resolution skills, and developing age-appropriate social skills.


Sarah Struzik

Supervisor, SP Capacity Building

Steven Whitmore

School Social Work Consultant