Orientation and Mobility

Orientation and Mobility services provide students who are blind or low vision with instruction in skills to safely, efficiently and effectively travel within their environment. 

Services include:

  • Instruction in independent travel within home, school, and community
  • Instruction in the use of long cane, mobility devices, and orientation aids
  • Consultation with educational staff and families regarding accommodations and assistive technology
  • Evaluation for eligibility in collaboration with local district staff

Orientation and Mobility services are available to students in the public schools of Oakland County.

A request may be made from the local school district by submission of a District Service Request (DSR), available through the districts office of special education.


Sandra Screen

Interim Supervisor - Student Services for Low Incidence

Roberta Hurley

Orientation And Mobility Specialist

Laura Jones

Orientation And Mobility Specialist

Breanne Marcum

Teacher Consultant, Visually Impaired/Orientation Mobility

Julie Unatin

Teacher Consultant, Visually Impaired/Orientation and Mobility

Margaret Winn

Orientation And Mobility Specialist

Courtney Zachary

Teacher Consultant, Orientation and Mobility