Due to the changes to DPPD/SCECHs, Oakland Schools no longer awards SCECHs for supervising/mentoring and local school district committee participation. See section on DPPD for more information.

SCECHs, or State Continuing Education Clock Hours, are State Board approved in-service, workshop, training, or conference credits that are used for the renewal of selected certificates issued by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).

Educators earn State Continuing education hours and clock hours for renewal purposes. MDE has designated the credits State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs).

SCECHs are awarded through MOECS. MOECs requires an online evaluation to be completed as the final step to earn SCECHs.

Information on the license/certificate renewal process can be found on the Michigan Department of Education's website. You can also call MDE at 517.373.3310.

Renewal of any MDE issued certificate is done through your MOECS account at MOECS Website.

Individuals who hold the following certificates and licenses are eligible to obtain and use SCECHs toward certificate/licensure renewal:


Lori Dean

SCECH Specialist