Student Engagement

Student engagement is an outcome created partnership of student, teacher, school, and community.

Oakland Schools supports a variety of professional learning, coaching and other resources for district students and staff.

The goal: To optimize student engagement in support of high levels of learning.

The Learning Achievement Coalition-Oakland County (LAC-O) was created to improve achievement for all students while eliminating achievement gaps wherever they exist, especially students of color, students from poverty and non-traditional learners.

LAC-O is a collaboration between the twenty-eight school districts in Oakland County Michigan, Oakland Schools (Intermediate School District), Oakland University, and the University of Michigan dedicated to improving achievement for all students, especially students of color, students from poverty and non-traditional learners.

Together we seek to provide access to high quality curriculum, effective instruction and engaging learning environments for all students. 

LAC-O has four committees: 

  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Early Childhood
  • Student Engagement

The LAC-O Student Engagement Committee is engaged in

  • Student Leadership Conference
  • African American Parent Networks
  • Student engagement Survey
  • Social Justice Project, Student Diversity Forum, Culturally Responsive Teaching 
  • Effective Practices Conference
  • School Classroom Culture 
  • Emotional Literacy/Bully-Free Schools/Restorative Practices. 


Jennifer Baxter

Project/Department Assistant

Karen Gomez

Student Engagement Consultant

Jay Marks

Diversity & Equity Consultant

Julie McDaniel

Student Safety & Well-Being

Mary Perfitt-Nelson

School Psychology Consultant