​Oakland Schools operates REMC 17 at the Oakland Schools main campus. REMC 17 provides professional development services, instructional resources and consulting services to the public school districts and public school academies of Oakland County.​ Laura Cummings is the Director of REMC 17.

REMC Association of Michigan Projects

The REMC Association of Michigan​ funds Statewide Projects. These projects are an important part of the work of REMC 17. Explore the projects via the links below to access free, quality professional development and instructional resources. 

Click on the project logos to visit the project websites.

21 Things 4 Students Logo

21 Things 4 Students
A virtual classroom where students in grades 6-8 learn about and demonstrate basic technology skills.

12 Things 4 Teachers

21 Things 4 Teachers
Just-in-time learning for educators based on the ISTE Standards for Teachers and best practice instruction​.

Classroom Makers

Classroom Makers
​Multi-year effort to provide local REMCs with maker training, curriculum and materials to be used with their districts to support and expand curricula and learning.

Michigan Streamnet Logo

MI Streamnet
Live and archived video broadcasts as well as self-paced, professional development courses.

Streaming Video

Discovery Education Streaming

REMC 17 provides subsidized, streaming video services (Discovery Streaming) to the public school districts and public school academies. Private schools are eligible to purchase streaming video at the REMC Bid pricing. These resources provide teachers and students with access to over 5000 videos and other resources directly correlated to the curriculum.

REMC $ave Bid Project

Save Bid Project

REMC 17 districts and schools realize effective cost-savings through statewide cooperative purchasing via the REMC $AVE Bid Project. Items available for purchase at a significant discount include computers, printers, software, A/V equipment, furniture, art supplies, and paper products. REMC 17 provides consultations to districts and schools seeking advice on purchases. REMC 17 schools save millions of dollars every year on purchases made via the REMC $AVE Bid.​

About the Bid

The Regional Educational Media Centers (REMC) Statewide $AVE Project is a service of your Intermediate School District (Oakland Schools) and the REMC Association of Michigan. This project is approved by the State Board of Education and partially funded by Section 81 of the State School Aid Act and Technology Literacy Grant Funds.

The REMC $AVE Bid Site

A database of all of the items available through the REMC $AVE Project is available online at The site includes search capability and links for product specifications and additional information. The database is updated throughout the year to provide accurate and up-to-date information. Links to specifications and other added information are included to help schools learn more about products.

DO NOT SEND Purchase Orders TO REMC 17/OAKLAND SCHOOLS. All ORIGINAL Purchase Orders should be made out and sent to the individual vendors with "Per REMC Pricing" on the Purchase Order.

​Help Us!

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Kimberly Clarke

Project/Department Assistant

Laura Cummings

Digital Learning Consultant