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Visual Impairment

Students with visual impairments may require support to access the general education curriculum. Specialized instruction in skills that are not part of the standard curriculum may also be necessary.

The Oakland Schools teacher consultants for students with visual impairments provide direct and consultation services in accordance with a student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Local districts must request services by completing a District Service Request (DSR) and submitting necessary documentation.

Service delivery may include:

  • Instruction in reading and writing of Braille codes
  • Instruction of skills outlined in the Expanded Core Curriculum
  • Consultation with educational staff and families regarding accommodations and assistive technology
  • Training and support regarding use of assistive technology
  • Evaluation for eligibility in collaboration with local district staff
  • Low vision assessment and consultation
  • Parent support and education programs
  • Liaison to Bureau of Services for Blind Persons

Services may be requested by the Local School District by completing a District Service Request (DSR), available through the district's office of special education.



Tameka Arnold

Supervisor, Student Services For Low Incidence Populations

Lisbeth Bank

Teacher Consultant For The Visually Impaired

Jennifer Barley

Teacher Consultant Visually Impaired

Tracy Borka

Teacher Consultant, Visually Impaired

Pamela David

Teacher Consultant, Visually Impaired

Victoria Haber

Teacher Consultant Visually Impaired

Joshua Kimball-Cobbs

Teacher Consultant for The Visually Impaired

Breanne Marcum

Teacher Consultant, Visually Impaired/Orientation Mobility

Sally Perry

Teacher Consultant Visually Impaired

Sherry Rye

Teacher Consultant Visually Impaired

Lauren Stanton

Teacher Consultant, Visually Impaired

Julie Unatin

Teacher Consultant, Visually Impaired/Orientation and Mobility

Joel Zatell

Teacher Consultant Visually Impaired