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Specific Learning Disability

‚ÄčEligibility Determination for a Specific Learning Disability

‚ÄčOakland Schools is committed to assisting districts in the development of sound, defensible procedures and practices that fit the district’s unique service delivery context, and which are based on a careful review of the options, and established with an eye toward the future.   

The Oakland Schools Guidance: Eligibility Determination for a Specific Learning Disability (referred to as the OS SLD Guidance), and the companion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents were created to both assist districts in complying with all state rules and federal regulations regarding SLD, and to encourage districts to make a long-term plan for reshaping identification practices.

To obtain a copy of the SLD Guidance and/or FAQ document, please contact Lynn Spitznas at


Sarah Struzik

Supervisor Of Sp Capacity Building
School: 2482092286

Susan Koceski

School Psychology Consultant
School: 2482092536