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Augmentative/Alternative Communication

Oakland Schools Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) Team supports local district teams servicing students with complex communication needs who are supported through augmentative and alternative communication strategies and systems.

The AAC team also provides assistance to LEA staff when an Assistive Technology consideration is needed to determine appropriate tools to support access to the curriculum for students with a physical impairment.

Our goal is for all students to become competent communicators.

Our team is happy to assist you in supporting your students who use or could benefit from AAC.

AAC provides the following support to Oakland County local district teams:

Professional Learning

Our continuum of opportunities is designed to engage educational SLPs and their teams in sustained and collaborative professional learning to support students with complex communication needs. 

AAC Loan Library

Oakland County designated educators and speech-language pathologists may borrow AAC systems/ tools for up to 60 days. Email or visit the Materials Center webpage for more information. 

Assigned AAC Consultants

Services to support the AT Consideration Process are available to local districts with the submission of the District Service Request (DSR), available through the district's office of special education. 

If you have questions concerning AAC implementation, building language skills, or use of the system in the classroom, please contact the AAC consultant currently serving your district. 


Sarah Struzik

Supervisor Of Sp Capacity Building
School: 2482092286

Marlene Cummings

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Consultant
School: 2482092341

Stacey Fox

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Consultant
School: 2482092256

Janet Hamblin

Assistive Technology Consultant
School: 2482092251

Dawn Jones

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Consultant
School: 2482092428

Ariel Metzger

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Consultant
School: 2482092497

Kristen Strong

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Consultant
School: 2482092449