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Leadership and Continuous Improvement

The goal of Leadership and Continuous Improvement is to provide information, tools, and resources to support school and district leaders in designing, implementing, and evaluating federal and state programs resulting in improved student, staff and school/district performance.

Services are delivered through regional and site-based professional learning activities such as workshops, referent group meetings, district- and school-based consultation and technical assistance and are designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Build the capacity of district & school leaders to support and implement sustainable and effective Title I programs that meet all program and fiscal requirements.
  • Encourage communication & collaboration within districts/schools to align program and finance components to the continuous improvement process.
  • Share resources, information, and professional practices across districts/schools that fulfill federal and state requirements and are effective at increasing student achievement.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of protocols, processes and procedures to facilitate program planning—from the assessment of needs through the program evaluation.
  • Provide technical assistance in the use of online platforms, such as NexSys and MiCIP.



Alex Agius

District Leadership Consultant
School: 2482092004

Jennifer Baxter

Project/Department Assistant
School: 2482092301

Janet Callis

State And Federal Programs Consultant
School: 2482092596

Ashley Chase

Grant Compliance Specialist

Sean Dougherty

Educational Improvement Consultant - Guidance And Counseling
School: 2482092458

Jonathon Good

Leadership And School Improvement - Research, Evaluation And Assessment Consultant
School: 2482092192

Delisa Jones

Educational Improvement Consultant - Leadership
School: 2482092489

Samantha Keesling

Mathematics Education Consultant
School: 2482092325

Megan Kortlandt

Educational Improvement Consultant - Literacy
School: 2482092454

Christy Osborne

Esl Education Consultant
School: 2482092395

Nick Wasmer

Supervisor Of Leadership And Continuous Improvement
School: 2482092291

Jenelle Williams

Leadership and School Improvement Consultant
School: 2482092340

Stacie Woodward

Content Area Literacy Consultant
School: 2482092027