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Digital Services

Oakland Schools provides a variety of digital services at reduced cost or free-of-charge to Oakland County public schools and districts.

Oakland County public school districts that are interested in using the Oakland Schools Adobe Connect site could contact us. The contact information will be coming soon.  

Video Streaming

Oakland Schools (REMC 17) provides subsidized, streaming video services (Discovery Experience) to the public school districts and public school academies. Private schools are eligible to purchase streaming video at the REMC Bid pricing. These resources provide teachers and students with access to over 7000 videos and other resources directly correlated to the curriculum.

For more information about streaming video services, including scheduling professional development, contact Vinos Kassab or Mariah Goodell.

Moodle Services

Oakland Schools provides Moodle, free of charge, to all public schools in Oakland County

Moodle Administrators and Oakland County Moodle-using educators are invited to join the Moodle Services in Oakland County course to stay up to date on Moodle in our county.

Locate the URL for your district's Moodle site, as well as the name(s) of your Moodle administrator(s).


Video.Oakland is a video content management and distribution system. The system is hosted at Oakland Schools, so the content is in a local system. Video.Oakland services are available to the public school districts in Oakland County.

With Video.Oakland, staff with accounts in the system can:

  • upload and link to videos
  • manage collections of video, including privacy and share settings
  • create channels and playlists
  • enhance video by adding start/stop points, focus questions at certain points, and supplementary documents and links
  • get links and embed codes to use for distribution of individual videos, channels and playlists through web sites, Moodle, blogs, email, etc.
  • Visitors to the site can search for and view videos, channels and playlists. Video content located in Video.Oakland is also viewable through websites, Moodle pages, blogs, and email. The system also supports viewing on mobile devices.


Vinos Kassab

Digital Learning Consultant