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Instruction and Pedagogy

Instruction & Pedagogy

Who we are

The Instruction and Pedagogy unit of District and School Services is comprised of consultants and project assistants focused on best practices for instruction and pedagogical teaching methods which assist Oakland County teachers in better serving our students.

What we do

Instruction and Pedagogy works to improve instructional practices with Oakland County Teachers. We work in the areas of Computer Science, Educational Technology, English Language Arts, English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Language.

Instruction and Pedagogy:include such examples as Cultures of Thinking, formative assessment process, learning environment, Makerspace, MiSTAR, Next Generation Science Exemplar Program (NGSX), Project Based Learning, technology integration, learning environment, and Virtual Learning.

We support services such as curriculum, mi PLACE, New Teacher & Coaching New Teachers, and Discovery Streaming.


Suzanne Toohey

Supervisor of Instruction and Pedagogy

Ashelin Currie

Literacy Consultant

Jennifer Curtis

Mathematics Education Consultant

James Emmerling

Science Education Consultant

Jennifer Howe

Heritage And World Languages Consultant

Yarisha Johnson

Instruction and Pedagogy Consultant - Mathematics

Vinos Kassab

Digital Learning Consultant

Susan Kiersey

Project/Department Assistant

Kimberly Kocsis

MiSTEM Region Director

Christina Kozlowski

English Learner Consultant

Christopher Lee

Instructional Consultant

Andrea Zellner

Learning Design Consultant