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7 Reasons to Stay in School

7 Reasons to Stay in School

A student 16 years old or older may voluntarily withdraw from high school. By dropping out of school, students are giving away their rights to free, full-time public education.

Statistically, students who drop out will be:

  1. less likely to find a good, steady job.
  2. less likely to be able to buy things that they want or sometimes need.
  3. more likely to get caught up in criminal activity.
  4. more likely to spend time in jail.
  5. more likely to be on welfare.
  6. likely to have fewer choices about where to live.
  7. less likely to properly care for and educate their future children.

If a student drops out of school, they have the right to return to school and be reenrolled. It's not too late to stay in school!

If a student wishes to withdraw from school after understanding the consequences of dropping out, they may request a withdrawal form from Oakland Schools Truancy Department. 

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