Workforce and Economic Development

​Business and industry partnerships help Oakland Schools keep its pulse on providing relevant learning opportunities to the students and families it serves.  

These partnerships, which connect business and community leaders, educators, and students of Oakland County Career and Technical Education programs, ensure that the pipeline of future employees are better prepared to meet workforce demands and put their expertise to use in the local community. 

Changes in technology and globalization necessitate new industry workforce requirements. It is critical for these programs to partner with local employers to verify that the content taught in the classroom meets workplace needs.

Work Based Learning

Work-based learning experiences (WBLE) provide students with a planned program of job training and other employment experiences related to a chosen career.

Depending on the type of learning experience, the pupil might be engaged for one hour, one day, one semester, or even one year in length. The learning experience may be paid or unpaid, serves all students, and can be an in-school or out-of-school placement.

A work-based learning experience is coordinated by the school district through a contract (training agreement) with an employer providing an educational experience related to school instruction (training plan) involving supervised work (employer) and monitored by a certified instructor teacher employed by the district. A district may include in their membership a pupil earning high school credit in a work-based learning experience if the requirements that pertain to that particular program type are met.

The work-based learning experiences must not generate more than one-half of the pupil's full-time equivalency (FTE). The employment of the pupil must not exceed the maximum hours set by the district. 


Cynthia Scherphorn

K-12 Career Readiness Consultant