Becoming a OC Here4U Peer Educator in 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 school year was full of unique challenges and opportunities for the OCHere4U project. We are grateful for Deinna Clement, a returning Here4U mentor, and the Peer Educators from Stoney Creek High School for committing to innovatively learning about and educating their peers on:

  • The importance of social connectedness, self-care, and managing stress on an ongoing basis
  • Signs that anxiety and/or depression may be a concern
  • How to seek help for big emotions and when anxiety and/or depression are a concern for themselves/others

The team participated in three hours of virtual training to serve as a Here4U Peer Educator. During those sessions, team members learned about the expectations of a peer educator and set their own team agreements for how they would work together.

Team members created a visual board together sharing what it looks and feels like to be a teen today.

Team members spent time in dialogue learning why it’s essential to be aware of our emotions, thoughts, and feelings to manage stress. They explored what stress feels like for them and others, what activities may help them manage their stress or help them, and what stressors they currently face to plan for those events to engage in self-care.

Team members identified the roles trusted adults in their life play as a way to get them thinking about who they go to, if they need support and how they might promote their peers to identify their own trusted adults.

The session again closed with members sharing one thing team they learned from the second training session.


Project Aware Here4U Logo: Live a life, Reduce Stigma.