20-21 Here4U: Stoney Creek High School

The Stoney Creek Here4U Team worked together to plan activities to raise awareness and engage their peers in supporting their social-emotional well-being. With their district operating virtually during the pandemic, the team created an Instagram account to engage their peers with the support of their mentor and building administration. Below are examples from their Instagram feed on self-care and stories that introduce the school 20-21 Here4U Team to the community.

As students returned to the building in person in the spring, the Here4U team had a presence in the hallway via their bulletin board. On it, they featured positive affirmations, coloring sheets for their peers to use to de-stress, links to their Instagram account, signs of anxiety and depression, and resource cards if they or someone they knew needed to reach out for support.

Project Aware Here4U Logo: Live a life, Reduce Stigma.