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Oakland Schools' students honored with state Breaking Traditions Award

Huge congratulations to the Oakland Schools' students who were recently given a Michigan Breaking Traditions 2019 Award from the Michigan Department of Education. 💪

The Breaking Traditions Awards recognize high school and college students who have been successful in Career and Technical Education programs that are nontraditional for their gender. This year, a total of 91 students received the honor.

The Oakland County students who earned this award were:

Synthia Yang (pictured)
OSTC-NW, Mechatronics, Brandon High School

Michaela Bell
OSTC-SW, Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Repair Program

Aracely Hernandez-Ramos
International Technology Academy, Automotive Services Technology Program

Ashley Lundy
OSTC-NE, Machine Tool Technology/Machinist Program, Oxford High School

India Pinkel
OSTC-NE, Mechatronics Program, Lake Orion High School

Brianna Staton-Dauphin
OSTC-SW, Machining Program, Milford High School

Aabibsa Thapa
Athens High School, Engineering Design and Applications Program

Grace Zalubas
North Farmington High School, Drafting and Design Technology/Architectural Program