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Oakland Schools Service Desk chosen to provide support for MIServiceDesk

The OS Service Desk was recently chosen by the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA), a statewide group of Intermediate School District (ISD) administrators, and the Michigan Collaboration Hub (MiCH) to serve as technical support for a MAISA initiative called MIServiceDesk.

“We have let the state know not only are we willing to back this initiative, but we are also able to support their tech needs, said Robin Evenson, OS Service Desk supervisor. “We are really excited about it and there was no question that this is what we want to do.” 

MIServiceDesk, created in November 2019, currently supports two different apps – MIRead and MIStrategyBank. MIStrategyBank is a tool used for working with various applications connected to the Michigan Data Hub, another statewide effort created to address challenges in managing and using school data. MIRead is an early literacy portal developed to support students, teachers, parents, coaches, administrators and other ISDs who are implementing the third grade reading law and managing related reading improvement plans. 

MAISA and MiCH are working on several activities to standardize and streamline support efforts for statewide work impacting Pre-K12. In order to provide a centralized support structure and align with local technologists, MiServiceDesk was envisioned. When the subject was brought up at a MiCH meeting, Oakland Schools’ Assistant Superintendent of Shared Services and Chief Information Officer Tammy Evans, who is a member of MAISA and MiCH Steering Committee, happily volunteered the OS Service Desk to take on the task of being the first support desk for the MIServiceDesk statewide initiative.

“Because our IT Service Desk at Oakland Schools has so successfully supported our regional initiatives, and we have such passionate dedicated staff, I was confident we could scale the model for a broader user base,” explained Evans.  

Evenson ensured that in a short amount of time, 14 OS Service Desk technicians were trained to provide support for MIServiceDesk. The state’s hope is the more activities added to MIServiceDesk, other ISDs and/or Regional Educational Service Agencies (RESA) may join over time. According to the Michigan Data Hub, currently, 112 school districts across the state are using MIServiceDesk. The goal is to triple the number of user districts next year.   

Evenson said the OS Service Desk is ready for the challenge.

“Our motto here is ‘bring it.’ We are ready for this. MIServiceDesk effects education not just in Oakland County, but across the state of Michigan,” said Evenson. “We are proud to be leading the way.”  

Sarah Davis is the communications specialist at Oakland Schools.

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