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Thousands of new, diverse books available to local students

Oakland Schools Leadership and School Improvement has secured a $244,000 grant which dispersed approximately 17,000 books and needed bookshelves to thousands of students in Oakland County who attend a school where more literacy options are needed.

Delivery of the books and bookshelves began in September. Oakland Schools’ literacy consultants selected the books, which were diverse texts reflective of students’ experiences. 

 “We are grateful to work with our local districts to provide classroom libraries for the schools in order to make engaging texts readily available to their students,” said Carol Anthony, supervisor of Leadership and School Improvement. “Easy access to diverse texts is a critical component in supporting literacy for students of every age in Oakland County.”

The books, funded by the 2018-19 Title I Regional Assistance Grant, will enable middle- and high-school English Language Arts teachers to maintain a fully-functioning classroom library and use the books to improve instruction and increase students’ reading proficiency. 

The schools, identified by the Michigan Department of Education, determined through a needs assessment process that classroom libraries are fundamental to improving literacy. Participating schools are: Great Lakes Academy (6-8), Hazel Park Junior High School, Keys Grace Academy (6-8), Novi FlexTech High School, Oakland County Academy of Media and Technology, Oakland Opportunity Academy, Pontiac Middle School, Pontiac High School, Pontiac International Technology Academy (6-12), Southfield Regional Academic Campus, Tri-County Educational Center and Waterford Durant High School.

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