Procurement and Contracting

​We are a full service provider of procurement and contracting services, supporting the 28 public school districts in Oakland County. We strive to increase student achievement, serve the diverse needs of schools and decrease costs, increasing efficiencies.

We are committed to Oakland Schools’ mission: learning today, transforming tomorrow.

Please reach out to us via email or telephone. We are happy to help guide you through any procurement process and address any questions or concerns you may have.

The fiscal year 2018-2019 base amount for Section 1267, pertaining to construction, renovation, repair, or remodeling and the new base for Sections 623a and 1274, pertaining to procurement of supplies, materials, and equipment, is $24,459.00. Sections 623a, 1267, and 1274 of the Revised School Code establish a base above which competitive bids must be obtained and provide for an increase in the base that corresponds with increases in the Consumer Price Index.

Doing Business With Oakland Schools

Doing Business with Oakland Schools ISD


Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network

Vendors interested in doing business with Oakland Schools should register to receive direct access to Invitation for Bids, Request for Proposals, quotes, addenda and awards on Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network.

MITN is a centralized web-based system that provides a single point of contact and broader access to new business opportunities throughout our region.

The system provides the following benefits:

  • 24-hour access to business opportunities
  • Notification based upon the vendors designated product or service
  • More reliable and timely delivery of notifications and documents
  • Vendor managed registration system

Tips to be successful in the public sector:

  • Thoroughly read, and follow, instructions to bidders
  • Submit a complete bid or proposal response
  • Be competitive
  • Be on time (late bids are NOT accepted)


Doing Business with Oakland School Districts

​​The Power of Relationships

Our promise is to foster fair and ethical practices that develop strong vendor relationships and promote public trust. Our goal is to develop win-win relationships with our vendors. In addition, we encourage the growth of, and partnership with, women and minority owned businesses.

We invite you to participate in our procurement process. Our goal of providing quality educational supplies and services at the best price is only possible with an exceptional supplier base. We support our students when you support us.

If you are interested in doing business with Public School Districts in Oakland County, we invite you to participate in our procurement process.

Tips to be Successful in the Public Sector

Thoroughly read, and follow, instructions to bidders

  • Submit a complete bid or proposal response
  • Be competitive
  • Be on time (late bids are NOT accepted)

Please contact us for a complete list of School District Purchasing Contacts, including links to District's websites and bid postings.


Michigan Legislature

Cooperative Contracts (Oakland Schools Cooperative Contracts Network)

Cooperative Contracts Network

The Oakland Schools Cooperative Contracts Network (OSCCN) is a FREE comprehensive listing service of competitively bid contracts available for K-12 public and private schools, higher education, cities, townships and villages and other public agencies.  The goal of OSCCN is to save money by providing more choices in cooperative purchasing. 

Start your savings now

  • Access 400+ cooperatively bid contracts.

  • Search by product category, cooperative program or vendor.

  • Click active links to the vendor/contracts website.

  • View contract details like bid, contract award, pricing and contract extensions. 

Surplus Property Request Form


Tim Loock

Titles: Executive Director Aux Svcs. Maint. Operations
Phone Numbers:
School: 248.209.2209

Anna Marie Hollander

Titles: Procurement And Contracting Manager
Phone Numbers:
School: 248.209.2087

Elizabeth Junek

Titles: Senior Contract Specialist
Phone Numbers:
School: 248.209.2507

Debra Dunn

Titles: Contract Specialist
Phone Numbers:
School: 248.209.2211

Angela Gomez

Titles: Buyer
Phone Numbers:
School: 248.209.2514

Michelle Selak

Titles: Buyer
Phone Numbers:
School: 248.209.2233