Government Relations

​​​​​The Government Relations and Pupil Services Department offers services to Oakland County school districts and public school academies in the following areas.

Legislative Services: Advocates for and communicates the impact of legislation on public education

Legal Services: Responds to public school inquiries on pertinent legal issues in education

Pupil Accounting: Provides assistance in improving accountability of student populations to all public schools upon request, need, and/or mandate

Truancy: Assists public schools with children who do not attend school regularly and promotes positive attendance using the 3As - Attendance, Attachment, and Achievement

Office of Safe Schools: Coordinates school safety programs, services, and resources offered by Oakland Schools

School Resource Officer: Shares school safety information provided by the Oakland County Prosecutor with public schools


Julie Hanna

Titles: Project/Department Assistant
Phone Numbers:
School: 248.209.2260

Lisa Hansknecht

Titles: Director Of Government And Community Services
Phone Numbers:
School: 248.209.2137

David Randels

Titles: Director Of Gov't. Relations Educ. Policy And Research
Phone Numbers:
School: 248.209.2077