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Alternative Public Education Options  

Alternative education programs are separate programs within a public school district that are established to serve students whose needs are not being met in the traditional school setting.



In Oakland County, over 30 alternative education programs are offered for high school students. Relying on innovative teaching techniques, alternative schools provide appropriate instructional settings for students who are perceived to be in need of additional education opportunities, based upon their learning styles.



Goals for alternative schools/programs:

  • Students attend by choice
  • The school or program is responsive to previously unmet individual needs
  • The student body reflects the racial and socio-economic mix of the community

Common characteristics among programs:

  • Smaller classes and lower student/teacher ratios
  • Emphasis on personalization, caring, cooperation and acceptance
  • Smaller schools - generally less than 200 with some less than 20
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Rules and regulations developed by teachers and students
  • Alternative attendance and grading policies
  • Increased student/parent involvement in decision making



For more information, contact Dr. Marlana Krolicki, Alternative Education Consultant in Learning Services at 248.668.5678.



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