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Fall Conference Materials:


Agenda with Room Assignments






Communications: Connecting Parents & Teachers



Data Dashboard Review


District Pulse Demo



Enrollment Methods & Tools


FERPA & Student Data


General Session


New Student Editor



New Track Editor


Report Writer 101


Report Writer Advanced


Special Education - SEEFS, Medicaid & Data Entry


Standards Based Grading & Reporting


State reporting


Student Profile


Student Portal & Course Request Integration


Truancy Tracking


What's New In Parent Portal


System Admin:

                           MISTAR 2.2 Update Release Highlights  Zangle Icon

                           MISTAR Spring Release 2015   Zangle Icon

                           MISTAR Front Office to Q Redirect Crosswalk  Zangle Icon

                           Q Permissions with Recommendations  Zangle Icon

End of Year Processing (EOY)   Updated Information COMING SOON

EOY - Seniors

EOY - Stored Proc - Graduating Seniors

How a Course becomes a Class   

New Year Initialization (NYI)

New Year Initialization (Preparedness)

New Year Initialization - Enhancements 2015 (Q2.2.0)

Enrollment Scenarios 2010-2011 

Zangle Archive Overview

Zangle Archive Permission Tasks  

FrontOffice Storing Reports Locally     

Test Import Utility   

Zangle Front Office:  Setting Summer School Tracks   

Oakland Schools Secure Drop Box

MISTAR User Contact List   Updated

ZANGLE to MISTAR Crosswalk

Student Class Picture Import

Semester Grading Quick Start Guide for System Administrators

Report Writer: Granting Permission 

How to Set Up and Use A Weighted/Unweighted GPA

WHAT'S NEW - MISTAR Q 2014 upgrade to version 2.1

MISTAR 2.1.1 Release Notes (End of Summer 2014) 

Permission Setup for Accessing Network, Email and Password InformationZangle Icon



New Applications:  

                           System Requirements

Duplicate Student Maintenance

Master Schedule Manager

StudentConnect Manager

ParentConnect Manager

ParentConnect Contact Updater for Parents

ParentPortal Instructions

Pulse: Enhanced Version

                           Zangle to MISTAR Module Translation   Updated

                           Sending School Counselor - OSTC

                           Report Formatting Options 

                           Using MISTAR Web Based Reports

                           Set-up Communications Tracking for Mass Email   Zangle Icon

                           Crosswalk - Front Office tot Q Reports (version 2.0) (02-05-2015)Zangle Icon

                          MISTAR - Did You Know - As A SIS Admin?Zangle Icon

                          Implementing Student Documents  Zangle Icon



Teacher Tools:

                        Grade Book Manager

MISTAR Grade Book - Quick Start Guide

Grade Book Setup

Q-Grade Book Train Existing Trainers

Seating Chart

Student Profile

Class Behavior Set Up

Class Behavior 

                          Class Attendance

                          MISTAR Standards Benchmarks Posting

                          MISTAR Secondary Report Cards

                          MISTAR Grade Book Transferring Student Assignments

                          MISTAR Grade Book Summer 2013 Release Notes

                          MISTAR Teacher Train the Trainer August 2013 

                         1 MISTAR Teacher Tools Presentation August 2013

                         2 MISTAR Grading Policy Decision Matrix Administrative Decisions

                    2 MISTAR Grading Policy Decision Matrix Preferences, Parent/Student SBRC

                         2 MISTAR Grading Policy Decision Matrix Teacher Grade Book

                         3 MISTAR Train the Trainer Attendance

                        3 MISTAR Train the Trainer Grade Book Setup

                         3 MISTAR Train the Trainer Grade Book Functions

                        4  MISTAR Train the Trainer Class Behavior

                         4 MISTAR Train the Trainer Class Marks and Student Marks

                         4 MISTAR Train the Trianer Seating Charts

                         Semester Grading Quick Start Guide for TeachersZangle Icon

                         Grade Book for Early Elementary TeachersZangle Icon

                         Active Directory Teacher DirectionsZangle Icon



                          Class Attendance (Web)

                          Attendance (Web)Mass                          

                        Student Attendance (Web) 

                          Attendance Codes Guide    Zangle Icon                                       




                          Update Counselor/Advisor

                          Accessing and Editing Enrollment Data for an Inactive Student

                          Q - Student Editor Training Guide Zangle Icon


Food Service:  

Q-Eligibility Application Entry

Q-Eligibility Notices

Food Service Director Training Powerpoint 

Direct Certification - Tips and Tricks 2013

Application Verification Processing - Job Aide

LEARS Cheat Sheet 2014

Application Verification - October 2014

Homeless Job Aid

Setting a Food Service Alert or Restriction 

Food Service Reporting (Reports and Data) Jan. 2015Zangle Icon

Q Apps - Food Service POS Cafeteria Training Zangle Icon

MISTAR Cash Drawer Permissions Zangle Icon


Academic History: 

Transcript Header Information

Editing Marks and Transcript Corrections

Transcript Data Entry - Quick Guide                         

Docufide XML Transcript in Zangle Front Office


Graduation Requirements:   

                           Graduation Reauirement Report Documentation


                         Defaulting Course Request Priorities

                         Mass Update Priorities

                         Student Connect Course Request Admin. Setup

                         Scheduling Phase 2 (Course Request Refresher 2011)

                         Accessing the Walk-In Scheduler

                        Job Aid Change History

                        Scheduling Phase 3 Master Schedule Editor

                        Scheduling Phase 4 Loader

                        Job Aid for Student Schedule Editor

                        Job Aid: Assign Students



                         Job Aide for Data Entry



Mark Reporting:

Everything Grading Powerpoint

Creating End of Term Grades Powerpoint

How a Semester Grade is Calculated in Q Grade BookZangle Icon

MarkProcessing and Reporting Training Powerpoint

Editing Marks and Transcript Correction

Creating a Missing Marks Report in Zangle Front Office

Mark Processing Directions

Whole Child Report Card


State Reports:

MSDS Checklist  Zangle Icon

Crosswalk - MSDS General Collection Components

Historical Teacher of Record (for TSDL reporting) Zangle Icon

Mass Update for UIC Numbers

TSDL Instructions for OS Districts 2015

TSDL Virtual Courses_2014

TSDL Logic  2012

MISTAR Instructions:  Office of Civil Rights Data Collection 2013-14 Updated

Sec25 Mistar Process_Up dated 12-18-2013Zangle Icon


Service Tracker/Medicaid: 

Setting up staff  

Reference for Setting Staff Certification

Locating and Changing Passwords 

MISTAR IEP Data fields to be Maintained




SEEFS (Special Ed Forms System): 

                           Special ED SEEFS 2014.3 Update January 30, 2015   Zangle Icon

                           Supporting SEEFS  Zangle Icon

                           Special ED SEEFS 2014.2 Update October 31, 2014    Zangle Icon          

                           Speical ED SEEFS 2014.1 Update September 2014 

                           OS IEP, MET Date & Behavior Reports released 4/22/14 

                           Special Ed SEEFS Update 2013.1 November 2013  

                           SEEFS Tips 

                           Special Ed SEEFS 2012.3.1 Update April 2013 

                           Special Ed SEEFS Update March 2013  

Special Ed SEEFS Update January 2013

SEEFS Electronic Forms: updated 10/11

SEEFS User's Guide  

SEEFS - State IEP Enhancement (Task List) 

COSF Data Entry 








SEEFS 2012.1 What's New

SEEFS 2011.3 Goals and Objectives


Web Special Ed Data Module:

                           New Applications: Student Special Ed Maintenance  

                          Web Special Ed Data Module - Moving to MISTAR

                           Initial Ineligible IEP



CFE Courses: 

OSTC Course and Academic Credit Reporting  











Training Videos  


 Service Tracker Training Videos                               


Meeting Minutes  
2014/2015 | 2013/2014 | 2012/2013 | 2011/2012 | 2010/2011 | 2009/2010
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      August 14, 2014                                               Agenda                    Minutes                  Attachment 1     Attachment 2

      October 9, 2014                                                Agenda                   Minutes

      November 13, 2014                                          Cancelled

      December 11, 2014                                          Agenda                    Minutes

      January 22, 2015                                             Agenda                    Minutes                   Attachment 1     Attachment 2

      March 5, 2015                                                  Agenda                    Minutes                   Attachment 1     Attachment 2     Attachment 3

      April 2, 2015                                                     Agenda                    Minutes                   Attachment 1     Attachment 2     Attachment 3

      May 7, 2015                                                     Cancelled



      August 14, 2014                                              Agenda                        Minutes              Attachment 1       Attachment 2

      October 9, 2014                                               Agenda                        Minutes

      November 13, 2014                                         Cancelled

      December 11, 2014                                         Agenda                        Minutes              Attachment

      February 5, 2015                                            Cancelled

      March 5, 2015                                                 Cancelled                                       

      April 2, 2015                                                   Agenda                         Minutes              Attachment

      May 7, 2015                                                   Cancelled


      Calendar for 15/16 User Group Meetings (District and CFE)

2014/2015 | Page 1 of 6 | 2013/2014

Meeting Schedule  




  • August 13, 2015 - WEBINAR ONLY
  • No September Meeting
  • October 8, 2015 Conf Rm D 
  • November 12, 2015 Rm 335
  • December 10, 2015  - WEBINAR ONLY
  • January 20, 2016  Conf. A - DISTRICT ONLY  
  •  February 11, 2016  Rm 150 -  CFE ONLY
  •  March 10, 2016  Rm 335
  •  April 14, 2016   Rm 235/240
  •  May 12, 2016  Conf Rm D





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