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Language Theory and Instruction  
"Teaching Language in Context" by Alice Omaggio Hadley

"Teacher's Handbook: Contextualized Language Instruction" by Judith Schrum

"Second Language Learning Theories" by Rosamond Mitchell and Florence Myles

"Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classooms" by Jack C. Richards and Charles Lockhart

"Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen" by James F. Lee and Bill VanPatten

Standards Based  
"Rethinking Foreign Language Writing" by Virginia Scott

"Tasks and Communicating in Language Classrooms" by James F. Lee

"Keep Talking" by Friederike Klippel

"Fluency Through TPR Story Telling" by Blaine Ray and Contee Seely

"Making Connections: From the Classroom to the World Beyond Culture in Second Language Teaching and Learning" by Eli Hinkel

"Classroom-Based Evaluation in Second Language Education" by Fred Genesee and John Upshur

"CALL Environments: Research, Practice and Critical Issues" by Joy Egbert and Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

"Design Tools for the Internet-Supported Classroom"
by Judi Harris

"Classroom Instruction that Works" by Robert J. Marzano, Debra J. Pickering, and Jane E. Pollack

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