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Transportation Technology



Note: Some career opportunities do not have state and federal grids and segments because they are enhanced career opportunities for students beyone state minimum requirements.


Transportation Technology Core
 Curriculum Assessments  
Core SCAR  
Automotive Technology
Cip Code: 47.0604
Career Option Curriculum Assessments Gap Analysis Segments

Automotive Technician Consolidated Gap

 Instructional Delivery Model

Brakes System Technician SCAR    
Electrical/Electronic System Technician SCAR    
Engine Performance Technician SCAR    
Suspension/Steering System Technican SCAR    
Collision Repair
Cip Code: 47.0603
Career Option Curriculum Assessments Gap Anaylis Segments

Collision Repair Consolidated Gap

Instructional Delivery Model
Collision Repair Core SCAR    
Detail Technician Trainee SCAR    
Refinish Technician Trainee SCAR    
Repair Technician Trainee SCAR    
Structural Repair Technician SCAR    
Medium/Heavy Truck and Equipment
Cip Code: 47.0613
Career Option Curriculum Assessments Gap Analysis Segments
    Medium Heavy Truck Consolidated Gap  

Instructional Delivery Model

Heavy Equipment Operator SCAR    
Medium/Heavy Equipment Technician SCAR    
Medium/Heavy Truck Technician SCAR    












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