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Communities Project Activities  

Communities Project Activities

Project Activities
Standards & Benchmarks

Students research the characteristics of their community and write about what makes their community unique, share as a class the information with another community's class, receive feedback, and publish their "tour" as part of the project's final product. Students reflect on work by the other classes and compare the communities. Students:

  • research and complete a survey about their community to describe its characteristics (people, culture, location, major landmarks, points of interest, etc.)

  • identify and research topic(s) that highlight what is special about their community. Ideas include: historical landmark, local attractions, famous people, special events, unique characteristics or features, points of interest, etc.

  • use a graphic organizer to brainstorm and organize information

  • identify and collect resources that illustrate the topic(s)

  • collect and exchange data with other classrooms

  • write a "virtual tour" of your community that includes information from the survey and the selected topic(s) and e-mail to a partner classroom in another community

  • read the "virtual tour" that is e-mailed to them and generate suggestions and questions to e-mail back to the other class to help them refine the information

  • revise and edit the "virtual tour" they authored in response to suggestions and questions expressed by others

  • prepare a storyboard to organize the information and show the design and layout

  • publish their work collaboratively on the Web with the other classes (expertise not required)

  • review the work, locate and describe diverse kinds of communities in Oakland County, and compare the characteristics of the people, places, and cultures of the county

  • reflect on what they have learned.

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Educational Technology Team

Kim Clarke

Project/Department Assistant

Laura Cummings
Educational Technology Consultant
Director, REMC 17


Judy Nichols
Educational Technology Consultant



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