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History of Oakland Schools  


  • March 2007 to present – Dr. Tresa Zumsteg serves as Deputy Superintendent for Instructional Services


  • July 2005 to present – Robert Moore serves as Deputy Superintendent of Finance & Operations
  • November 10, 2005 – Oakland Schools hosts “Your Child” Community Conversation as part of state-wide effort to review importance of a college education for all Michigan students
  • November 16, 2005 – Oakland Schools partners with Automation Alley to host Superhighway to Success at the Silverdome, a career exploration event that drew close to 11,000 students.


  • June 2004 to present – Dr. Vickie L. Markavitch serves as Superintendent of Oakland Schools


  • On January 31, 2003  the Oakland School Board terminates contract of Dr. James G. Redmond as superintendent, effective immediately
  • On February 11, 2003 the Oakland Schools Board appoints Dr. C. Danford Austin as Interim Superintendent
  • On November 11, 2003 the Oakland Schools Board appoints former Oakland Schools Superintendent, Dr. William Keane, as Interim Superintendent; Dr. Austin resumes position as Deputy Superintendent


  • A new collaboration between Oakland Schools and Lighthouse Community Development results in first home built by Oakland Schools Technical Campus students in Unity Park in Pontiac in October


  • Oakland Schools hosts 2000ONE@World.Learn, NSBA-ITTE site visit
  • Career Focused Education through the Oakland Schools Technical Campuses became ISO 9001 registered
  • Oakland Schools Education Summit “A Call to Action” was held in Southfield
  • Oakland County voters approve increases to countywide Special Education (1.1704 mills) and Vocational Education (.2279 mill) charter millages on September 25


  • Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) kicked off its first season in October
  • The four Oakland Technical Centers transitioned to Oakland Schools


  • Oakland Schools Education Foundation was incorporated by the State of Michigan in May. Bylaws were adopted in January 2000 and the Foundation now funds a variety of countywide programs that would not otherwise receive financial support.
  • Oakland Schools hosts first Student Safety Forum on School Violence on October 18



  • Oakland Schools was one of three founding members (with Wayne RESA and Macomb ISD) of the Tri-County Alliance (December)


  • Public Schools . . . Public Pride was held at Summit Place Mall


  • 1995-2003 - Dr. James Redmond is Superintendent of Oakland Schools

  • Public Schools, Michigan’s Choice was held November 29 at Oakland Schools


  • Initiation of cable broadcasting at Oakland Schools


  • Voters increased the Special Education Charter Millage by .75 mills.


  • A satellite dish was installed at Oakland Schools to tape educational programs for distribution


  • Dr. William Keane is Superintendent of Oakland Schools



  • Dr. Kenneth Brown is Superintendent of Oakland Schools


  • The first computer wing was added to the Oakland Schools building


  • The Northwest (February), Southeast and Southwest (September) Area Vocational Centers open


  • The Northeast Area Vocational Center opens in September


  • The building located at 2100 Pontiac Lake Road was complete and Oakland Schools staff moved in


  • Voters approved the establishment and operation of four vocational education centers – now the Oakland Schools Technical Campuses


  • ISDs were established
  • Oakland Schools, an Intermediate School District of School Administration becomes the organization’s official name


  • Public Act 190 allowed for creation of Intermediate School Districts
  • The first computer and IBM 1620 Model 1 was installed at Oakland Schools


  • Dr. William J. Emerson is Superintendent of Oakland Schools


  • E.J. Lederle is Superintendent of Oakland Schools

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